Frontiers of Science in Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy Revealed Through Laws of Nature


Elia Reddy Vasa

Paperback    9788131918845


This ground-breaking work, which Elia considered his most valuable asset, changed the way we think about our Homeopathic Principles and Practice. Elia utilised the centuries of discoveries of almost all the branches of science in Frontiers of Science on Homoeopathy.



In Frontiers of Science in Homoeopathy all the principles of Homeopathy are explained Scientifically and Mathematically: Miasm (Entropy), Vital Force, Simple substance (Elementary particle), Susceptibility (Resonating Bandwidth), Law of Similars, Idiosyncrasy, Predisposition and the like. All the homoeopathic practising methods explained scientifically. Suppression, Homeopathic Aggravation, Remedy reaction, Posology, Potency repetition, Second prescription, Organs of Elimination, Diet and regimen, Simple and Complex diseases, Alternating diseases, One side diseases, Alternation of Remedies, Constitutional up-building, Sleep, Dream, Meditation in treatment of diseases.  How homeopathic medicine is present in Ultra High Dilutions? How Homeopathic medicine works? Scientific explanation for almost all the rubrics of Repertory etc.







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Elia Reddy Vasa

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