From India to Palestine: Essays in Solidarity


Githa Hariharan (ed)

Hardback    9789380118185


India and Palestine: Essays in Solidarity contains fourteen new essays on India and Palestine-Israel by writers, scholars and activists, with an introduction by Raja Shehadeh.


In 1948, Israel was created on Palestinian land. Palestinians lost their homes and villages; huge numbers were expelled; they became refugees elsewhere or in their own land. In 1967, the West Bank and Gaza were also occupied by Israel. For more than six decades now, Palestinians have suffered the violent and unjust realities of occupation.


Not only does India have strong historical ties with the Arab world; but also the Indian freedom movement saw the struggle of the Palestinians for a homeland as a genuine struggle against colonialism. Both Gandhi and Nehru expressed this in no uncertain terms; so, later, did the non-aligned movement. Indian policy towards Palestine shifted radically in the 1990s. Israel has now become a major supplier of arms to India; it is also part of the complicated shift in India’s relationship with America, and India’s emerging vision of itself in the world.


The contributors to From India to Palestine are: Aijaz Ahmad |Meena Alexander |GithaHariharan |Sunaina Maira |Nivedita Menon |Ritu Menon |Sukumar Muralidharan |Seema Mustafa |Aditya Nigam |Prabhat Patnaik |Vijay Prashad |Prabir Purkayastha |A.K. Ramakrishnan |Nayantara Sahgal |Achin Vanaik                  

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Edited by Githa Hariharan Introduction by Raja Shehadeh

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