Encyclopaedia of Hinduism: A Primer of India’s Soul (11 volumes)


Kapil Kumar (General Editor)

Hardback – 11 volume set   9788129115881


The 7184 page Encyclopedia of Hinduism in 11 volumes with rich illustrations of temples, places, thinkers, rituals and festivals is a work of wide and deep scholarship that constructs Hinduism as an alternative knowledge culture with its own distinctive tenets and belief systems.




The volumes propound the paradigm that Hinduism is a belief system based in the lived life of what is called Sanatana Dharma, or the ‘given way of life’. The set of 11 volumes printed on art paper distinguishes between religionand dharma, between a dogma with a rigid parameter of beliefs and practices on the one hand and a way of life that is an evolving spiritual, cultural and ethical tradition on the other.



The Encyclopedia of Hinduism came to fruition with the research and expertise of a team of scholars under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Kapil Kapoor, a professor of both English Literature and Sanskrit Studies. The team worked arduously on all aspects of the project, both academic and administrative. The foreword is written by scholar extraordinary Dr Karan Singh and the introduction to the Encyclopedia is by Dr. Kapil Kapoor.



The Encyclopedia of Hinduism is for the people to become familiar with the conceptual perspective and a general understanding ofthe different facets of Hinduism. The overriding principle ofthe work is objectivity and its goal is to promote a better and deeper understanding of Hinduism. The set of eleven volumes is a window for all who seek a panoramic view of Hinduism.



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Kapil Kumar (General editor)

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Rupa & Co.




11 volume set – Hardback

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