Discourses of Lord Buddha


V. Fausball (tr)

Paperback    9788183822039


Buddhism was history’s first religion of peace which spread all over Asia, including its western regions, without any use of force, and remains increasingly popular even today.


The discourses of Lord Buddha are presented here – for the interested reader as well as the devotee; the “Sutta Nipata” or A Bunch of Sutras, translated from the Pali by V.Fausball, is one of the oldest collections, which gives you not only a glimpse of life in those times but a feeling of closeness with the great man himself.


Its illustrations are based on the famous Ajanta cave paintings, the first artistic expression of Lord Buddha’s life and philosophy and rare pictures relating to him from all over the world.

Additional Information

V. Fausball (translator)

Published by

Lotus Press





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