Bhima and the Fragrant Flower


A. Ramachandran & Chameli



Hanuman and Bhima are two popular characters from the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.  Bhima and the Fragrant Flower tells of a chance meeting of Bhima with his legendary brother, Hanuman.


When the mighty Bhima sets out to find some rare flowers for his wife, Draupadi, he encounters an old monkey, whose tail is blocking the path.  He tries to use his mace to move the tail out of the way, but succeeds only in bending the huge weapon.  He realises that this is no ordinary monkey, but must be his elder brother, the legendary Hanuman.

The brilliantly colourful illustrations are done in the style of Paithan paintings, used by storytellers to pass around the audience while relating stories from the Hindu epics, and which match the dramatic events of Bhima’s adventures and his revelation at meeting his brother.

Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout.

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A. Ramachandran & Chameli

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Vadehra Art Gallery