Best of Faiz


Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Translated by Shiv K. Kumar

Paperback  9788174763303


Poet, journalist, translator, film-maker, broadcaster, Marxist activist and recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize, Faiz Ahmed Faiz grew into a legend in his lifetime.



With his death in 1984, his admirers all over the world felt as if a literary era had come to an end. Edward Said described Faiz Ahmed Faiz as “the greatest of contemporary Urdu poets.”


Being a liberal humanist, Faiz’s poetic vision recognised no national barriers. His musical poetry has lent itself readily to such renowned ghazal singers as Begum Akhtar, Mehdi Hasan, Iqbal Bano and Noor Jehan.


In The Best of Faiz, Shiv K. Kumar has presented an English translation of many of his poems, with the original in both Urdu script and Roman transliteration, to enable even non-Urdu readers to enjoy poetry that articulates the entire range of human emotions.


Here is a book for all lovers of poetry to read and preserve.

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz Translated by Shiv K. Kumar

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