Beginner’s Guide To Bach Flower Remedies with Repertory (2nd ed)


V. Krishnamoorty

Paperback    9788131902943


In Beginner’s Guide To Bach Flower Remedies With Repertory, Dr. V Krishnamoorty presents the flower remedies in a crisp, well-defined manner, listing out various prescriptions of the remedies, their dosages, and repetition, and carefully sorting out the advantages and disadvantages of each remedy. The remedies are accompanied by actual case studies and come with helpful content such as reader questions, puzzles, and a full repertory.


In Beginner’s Guide To Bach Flower Remedies With Repertory (2nd ed) Dr. Krishnamurthy’s language is lucid and precise, making it easy for a reader to understand a subject that is relatively new and in its infancy. Listed alphabetically, ranging from Aspen to Vervain, Vine, and Willow, the number of plants covered are close to forty.  Being an allied subject of Homeopathy, Beginner’s Guide To Bach Flower Remedies can be recommended for all alternative medical practitioners.


Simply written, the book is also easy enough for the layman to understand as well.  Bach Flower Remedies, developed by the English bacteriologist, pathologist, and homeopath Edward Bach, are remedies developed in the 1930s intended primarily for relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other emotional states.


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V. Krishnamoorty

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