Bad King Who Became a Good King


A. Ramachandran & Chameli

Paperback    9789380001449


A book spontaneously conceived and executed at Kasauli Art Camp in 1977.  It was done to demonstrate to the participating artists how to make a picture book for small children.



The Bad King Who Became a Good King was one of the many stories created by A. Ramachandran for his young children and a great favourite with them.  The illustrations being spontaneous resulted in a free and lucid pictorial style. This is one of the few books done by him without reference to any particular art tradition of India and shows his conscious effort to do each book differently.


The simple story tells of a king whose cruelty drives away his servants, his horse and even his dog.  When the king realises he is alone, he determines to make amends and treat everyone as an equal.


Since the book was not created with any publisher in mind, it was put aside, and is now published for the first time 35 years later.


Colour illustrations throughout.

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A. Ramachandran & Chameli

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Vadehra Art Gallery