Augustus and his Smile


Catherine Rayner



Augustus and his Smile is a dual language edition of the story of Augustus the tiger who journeys all over the world to find his lost smile.  By the end of this journey he realises that he will never be without his smile again.  Beautiful illustrations inspired by Asian artwork.



Augustus and his Smile is a dual language children’s book, available in twenty-one languages with English.  The simple informative text can be read easily in two languages. To see/order language editions, please refer to the drop-down menu under “Language”.


Catherine Rayner’s simple, poetic story is a mesmerising tale about finding happiness in the world around us.  Perfect for story time or for encouraging independent reading, Augustus’ journey will allow children to reflect on themes such as memory, happiness, and the natural world.


Augustus himself is a magnificently handsome tiger whose fiery stripes infuse the pages with warmth and energy.



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Catherine Rayner





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