Augmented Textbook Of Homoeopathic Pharmacy (2nd ed)


D. D. Banerjee

Paperback    9788131902912


Augmented Textbook of Homoeopathic Pharmacy (2nd ed) by Dr D. D. Banerjee is complete in all respects – from basic concepts, illustrations, mechanism, development, scope and research in pharmacy.



D. D. Banerjee’s Augmented Textbook of Homoeopathic Pharmacy (2nd ed) is divided into sections for easy reference and all the chapters have been rearranged in a systematic manner under the respective sections.  The information in each chapter has been updated and elaborated.  Each section in this edition provides complete knowledge on the respective subject without any need to look further. Several new sections and chapters have also been introduced.  The edition has explanation with tables, illustrations and examples.  All in all, this is a complete text book for all associated with the field of homoeopathy from students to professionals.


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D. D. Banerjee

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B. Jain




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