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London Book Fair 2014

Shalimar will be displaying a selection of the Indian books that we distribute at the London Book Fair. These will be on Stand O 605, courtesy of our friends and colleagues from NCBA whose stand it is.


The selection includes books from Three Essays, Tulika Books, Women Unlimited and Yoda Press, including the highly acclaimed graphic narratives title This Side That Side.



This Side That Side – Restorying Partition created by Vishwajyoti Ghosh

We would be very pleased to welcome you to the stand, and discuss your requirements for Indian books. We work with leading publishers and distributors in India, enabling us to supply titles on all subjects from all regions of India.


Shalimar representatives at the London Book Fair are Anand and Melanie.


The London Book Fair runs from 8th to 11th April at Earls Court.


Books on Homeopathy

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new selection of books on homeopathy.   These books have been chosen with professionals, students and home practitioners in mind, and represent homeopathic writers both past and present, including Hahnemann, Kent, Clarke, Boericke, Tyler, Allen, Roberts, Close and Herschu.

Here you will be able to find repertories, materia medicas, and homeopathic books that specialise in all subjects from children and chakras to mental health and veterinary studies.

As well as books on homeopathy we have included a small selection of books on other complementary therapies such as ayurveda, acupunture, herbalism, reflexology, flower remedies and nutrition.

For the full list of the books that we stock on this subject, please click here.











Shalimar Books launches online shop

Shalimar Books is pleased to announce the launch of its online shop. Please browse our latest products, below.


Shalimar at London Radical Bookfair

The London Radical Bookfair, organised by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers, is taking place at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL, on Saturday 11th May, from 10 am to 5 pm.  Entry is free.

Shalimar Books is having a stand at the book fair, and would welcome the opportunity to meet you.

As well as bookstalls from booksellers and publishers, there are two award ceremonies – the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing, and The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award, and talks from shortlisted authors.

Food and drink available.  Do come!


New Books From India

We are pleased to announce a number of new books which we will be receiving later this month.  These are the latest publications from Three Essays Collective, Tulika Books, Women Unlimited and Yoda Press, all of whom we distribute in the UK.

To purchase any of these titles or for further information, please contact us.

Three EssaysThe Indian Ideology

Perry Anderson

Paper  9788188789924    £13.95

“Instead of writing off the unspeakable violence and egregious injustice in our society as aberrations in an otherwise successful model, Anderson points to serious structural flaws and the deep seated social prejudices of those who have administered the Indian State in the decades since Independence.  It is important to read this book seriously…” – Arundhati Roy            (Three Essays Collective)

A people's history of medicine  Three Essays CollectiveReason and Medicine: Art and Science of Healing from Antiquity to Modern Times

Daya Varma

Paper    9788188789832    £19.95

“… fascinating, full of rich insights into the history, science, political economy, cultural and social aspects of medicine.  It is a people’s history of medicine, and a refreshingly non-Eurocentric view of medical science.” – William Dere in Frontier.        (Three Essays Collective)

Three Essays CollectiveThe Underside of Things: India and the World – A Citizen’s Miscellany 2006-2011

Badri Raina

Paper    9788188789856    £30.00

These essays hold a mirror to the neo-liberal world we live in.  Focused on south Asia, the essays straddle the world of politics, ideology and history.  His subjects include Hindu nationalism, Kashmir, North East India, Pakistan, Nepal, the state of the Indian left and various resistance movements.    (Three Essays Collective)

Three Essays CollectiveMuslim Leadership and Women’s Education: Uttar Pradesh 1886-1947

Nasreen Ahmed

9788188789917 Hardback £17.95

This is a broad study of the efforts at modern education for Muslim women, especially with reference to the Aligarh Movement and the initiatives inspired by it in other parts of Uttar Pradesh. The role of Muslim leaders, both male and female, the nature of the problems they encountered and the manner in which they countered them is the major thrust of this study. In the process we are introduced to the major debates on women and education during the course of late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century.    (Three Essays)

Saleem Kidwai  First fiction title from YodaThe Mirror of Wonders and Other Tales

Rafiq Husain, translated from the Urdu by Saleem Kidwai

9789380403090    Paper    £9.95

Apart from being great stories, the book has a literary and historical importance since Rafiq Hussain wrote it in Urdu even before Ismat Chughtai and Manto.  The first fiction title from Yoda Press.

Reaching the Great Mughal: Francophone Travel Writing on India of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Vijaya Rao (ed)

9789380403199    Paper    £11.95

This bilingual edition in English and French compiles insightful studies on travel writing on India by Swiss and French travellers.  These accounts highlight significant observations on the economy, polity, technical know-how, social and cultural mores of India in the 17th and 18th centuries, and, more importantly, on the mobility of objects between India and Europe at the time.    (Yoda Press)

Pakistan Project: A Feminist Perspective on Nation and Identity

Rubina Saigol

Details to be announced

Pakistan’s contradictory, fractured and fragile national identity relies on specific notions of masculinity and femininity, reinforced through an ideology of militarism and religious fundamentalism.  The dissemination of this identity as analysed by the author calls into question the very basis of a national identity predicated on religion and the subordination of women.  (Women Unlimited)

Across the Crossfire: Women and Conflict in India

Pamela Philipose & Aditi Bishnol (ed)

Details to be announced

While the impact of conflict and violence in India is well recognised as being deeply destabilising, women for the most part are missing in the conflict discourse.  In an attempt to redress this lacuna, this book presents a series of news features illustrating a gamut of women’s experiences of conflict in India, as well as documenting instances of women’s courageous resistance.  (Women Unlimited)

Distant Traveller: New and Selected Fiction

Attia Hosain

Details to be announced

The accidental discovery of chapters from an unfinished novel and of unpublished stories, made the publication of this anthology an inevitability.  The distinctive quality of her prose – subtle, elegant, with an uncanny ear for dialogue and sharp, yet sympathetic observation, is displayed to stunning effect as she delineates the tension and pathos of lives and societies in transition.  (Women Unlimited)

Dates.Sites: Project Cinema City – Bombay/Mumbai

Madhusree Dutta

9788189487997    Paper    £39.95

Dates.Sites presents a timeline of the city of Bombay/Mumbai in the 20th century, anchored to its most adored public institution: cinema.

Post-Mauryan India – 200 BC – AD 300: A People’s History of India 6

Irfan Habib

9789382381112 Hardback £12.95

Deals with the five hundred years that, in the political sphere, are associated with the dominance of Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Kushans and Satavahanas. The volume also offers a detailed survey of the economy of the period, which saw important changes, in craft production as well as overseas trade. The information is based on fully updated material. There are seven maps and twenty-four illustrations, mainly reproductions of coins and sculpture.

Amiya Kumar Bagchi  Tulika BooksMoney & Credit in Indian History: From Early Medieval Times (3e)

Amiya Kumar Bagchi

9789382381129    Paper    £11.95

The essays in this volume specify the contexts in which apparently similar institutions of money and credit functioned in very different ways, and thus alert us to the infinite potential of human ingenuity. Further, they tell us something about the way the use of particular institutions has a perceptible influence on the evolution of the larger society.  (Tulika Reprint)

Shireen Moosvi  Tulika BooksCapitalism, Colonialism and Globalization: Studies in Economic Change (3e)

Shireen Moosvi (ed)

9789382381068    Paper    £11.95

The global crisis that broke out in 2008 raised for many fundamental questions about the present economic order. This collection of articles from authors who include some of India’s leading economic historians consists of studies in the growth of capitalism, the impact of colonialism, and the implications of the current phase of globalization for India and the world.  (Tulika Reprint)

Irfan Habib  Tulika BooksShared Heritage: The Growth of Civilizations in India and Iran (4e)

Irfan Habib (ed)

9789382381037    Paper    £12.95

This volume originated in papers presented at a panel on the historical relationships between India and Iran, organized under the auspices of the Aligarh Historians Society at the 62nd session of the Indian History Congress, Bhopal, 2001.  (Tulika Reprint)

Deepak Kumar  Tulika BooksDisease and Medicine in India: A Historical Overview (3e)

Deepak Kumar (ed)

9789382381051    Paper    £14.95


(Tulika Reprint)

confronting-colonialismConfronting Colonialism: Resistance and Modernization under Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan (3e)

Irfan Habib (ed)

9789382381044    Paper    £9.95

(Tulika Reprint)

on-socialismOn Socialism: Selections from Writings of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, V.I. Lenin, J.V. Stalin & Mao Zedong (3e)

Irfan Habib (ed)

9789382381105    Paper    £8.95

(Tulika Reprint)








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